name chantal tanha date of birth 9 december, 1986 (29) birth place paris, fr heritage persian-american residence chelsea, nyc occupation actress & musician sexuality undisclosed
Chantal Tanha is a French-born actress and musician based in New York City. She began her career collaborating with the French synthpop band Corvus, just before finding success in the film industry. She made her screen debut in the French language film The Devils. She received critical acclaim for her role in the 2015 drama Carol, where she was nominated for an Academy Award. In 2010, Tanha stepped away from Corvus and released her first solo album under the name The Waiting.

Early Life Tanha was born and raised in Paris, France. Her father, Firoz Tanha, was the musical director for the Orchestre de Paris from 1989-1998. Her mother, Pamela Irene Ruge, performed with the orchestra from 1980-1986, as a principal violinist. She has one older brother, Reza Tanha, who is a sculptor and graphic artist based in San Francisco, California. The family remained in Paris, until Firoz retired from the orchestra to take a position as a masterclass instructor for the London Symphony Orchestra. In 1999, they relocated to London, where Chantal enrolled in music classes at the Purcell School in Watford.

Her father is second-generation Iranian immigrant, raised in Orléans, France. Her mother was born in upstate New York and traveled with many orchestras, until meeting Tanha in Paris. The Tanha children were raised to speak multiple languages, including French, English and Persian. From a young age, both Chantal and her brother were taught piano and music theory.

Career Tanha first appeared in the 2002 French film The Devil, which she won after a single audition with one of her father's friends. She had returned to Paris to visit her grandparents for the summer, when the opportunity was presented. She finished filming while on winter holiday that following year. When she returned to London, she began to attend acting worshops inbetween her piano courses at Purcell. Upon finishing secondary school, Tanha returned to Paris to pursue her career options. She landed her second major motion picture in 2007 as Floriane in Water Lillies, for which she received her first César Award nomination.

In 2007, she met Corvus founder Anthony Gonzalez through her roommate. His keyboard player had taken a touring job and was in much need of a replacement, while he tackled his fourth studio album. Tanha joined Corvus for their first hit album in the US, Saturdays=Youth. Their second album, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming hit the US charts at number 15, while only reaching 38 in their home country of Frane. Corvus, with Tanha's vocal and piano work, released their seventh album Junk on April 8, 2016. She continues to tour and collaborate with the band.

As her music career blossomed, Tanha continued to generate work in film. She quickly rose to a promising career, with both César and Lumiere Awards nominations for her role in L'Appolonide. While living in the United States, she launched her Hollywood career with the 2013 Spike Jonze film Her. Her role in the Todd Haynes film, Carol, garnished her an Academy Award nomination.

Tanha has embarked on a solo project, since touring with Corvus, called The Waiting. Her first EP, This Frontier, was made avaiable for free download in October of 2010 and remarked as "a departure of the dreamy pop of [Corvus]". Her collobrations did not stop, however, as Tanha began to focus on remixing and developing her signature sound. Her 2014 full-length album, In Cold Blood is an intimate, self-proclaimed "break up story that [she] desperately needed in order to purge the ugliness that remained." She also composed the soundtrack for the 2016 Eva Housson film Bang Gang.

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Academy Awards, USA 2016 nominee best performance by an actress in a supporting role (carol) Golden Globes, USA 2016 nominee best performance by an actress in a motion picture (carol) BAFTA AWARDS, UK 2016 nominee best supporting actress (carol) César Awards, FR 2012 nominee most promising actress (l'apollonide) 2008 nominee most promising actress (naissance des pieuvres) Cannes Film Festival, FR 2015 winner best actress (carol) Lumiere Awards, FR 2015 nominee best actress (l'homme qu'on aimait trop) 2012 winner most promising young actress (l'appolonide) Screen Actors Guild Award, USA 2016 nominee outstanding performance by a female in a supporting role (carol)
misc » is a classically trained pianist

» keeps private life private, with few interviews that invade her personal boundaries