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September 28, 2017
Ryley Sept 28, 2017 10m 32s
Ryley Sept 27, 2017 24m 54s
Ryley Sept 26, 2017 32s
Ryley Sept 26, 2017 13m 22s
Hey girl hey
Rita Blackwood-Robbins
to Cecilia Russell
Lia, hey! It's me again. I just texted you but wanted to send you an email, so you had the tickets & date. We'd really love it if you could come. Jack and Huyen are still in the company and we talked about taking you out for dinner after the show? You can stay with my wife and I here in the city. It'll be a lot of fun and even better to see you. I'll introduce you to the director and maybe an interview? Pretty pretty please? I miss you so fucking much, girl! Call me!



i'm 2 years old. i have an ear infection & it fucking huuuurts
put a hot wet washcloth in a cup and hold it to your ear
in a cup? and hold the cup to my ear?
yeah or find something to wrap around your head to hold it for you
how about i just take some oxy and go to bed
so do that and sleep on your side with the cup on
wtf that sounds uncomfortable as hell
not on the same side weirdo
how's it gonna stay? you've slept beside me. i don't stay put
knowing you have something attached to your head stays with the subconscious
you're crazy
i had a lot of ear infections as a kid
how about i just pay you to hold the cup all night
does your arm hurt too
i would think so because that was quite a reach in asking me to come over
Redwood, CA
September 29, 2017 at 3:42 PM
Call Back
Hey. It's mom. Please just call me back for once? It's Craig's birthday next week and I thought I'd fix a picnic and we could all go to the marina for dinner. I'd really appreciate if you and your brother would make an effort to be there. I know Craig would, too. All right. Call me back? I do love you, Cece. We both do. Bye.