birth name: emile quincy masters professional name: emile masters date of birth: 23 october, 1985 hometown: liverpool, uk current residence: london, uk occupation: musician/papi

Emile Quincy Masters is an English musician, best known as a solo artist and the co-frontman of the Reapers. He was also the former frontman of the Insult, before the band announced their break-up in August 2009.

Early Life Masters was born and raised in Liverpool, Mersey, England.


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Discography as EMILE MASTERS
don't forget who you are ··· columbia, 3 june 2013 colour of the trap ··· columbia, 6 may 2011 give up ··· ep, sony music 2013 first of my kind ··· ep, sony music 2012 live at itunes festival: london 2011 ··· ep, sony music
everything you've come to expect ··· domino, 1 april 2016 the age of the understatement ··· domino, 21 april 2008 the dream synopis ··· ep, domino 2016 my mistakes were made for you ··· ep, domino 2008 standing next to me ··· ep, domino 2008

rascalise ··· deltasonic, 15 june 2008 suspicious wit ··· ep, deltasonic 2008 out of dreams ··· ep, deltasonic 2007