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dahliafaye . 21h
dahliafaye pre-order now! 🍒 #lustforlife view all 1,982 comments tropicosunshine announce more tour dates!

arabella_ congrats on the baby!!! 🙏🙏

isabellmaay @arabella_ I seriously doubt she's pregnant. she wouldn't be announcing tour dates left & right...

vitamerde 🙌🙌 BITCH YAAAASS!! @tonyyyy

pinkprincessolivia u r my hero!! ily!! come 2 st louis!!

daddylbbh stevie nicks + dahlia faye = my 2 fav witches 😍

htx.rick I feel so cheated...what about the collab with @emileqmasters

mimifirst HI MUM! I'LL SEE YOU IN BRIXTON!! xxoo @htx.rick that's because the only collab they have is the fetus-gate finn crosse leaked 🙊

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