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    Dahlia Faye attends the Elle Style Awards 2016 in London on Tuesday, February 23rd. She took home the award for Female Music Artist of the Year.
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    for a woman who sings such heartbreaking songs, she seriously has the most beautiful smile.
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    i just fell back in love with dahlia faye.
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    Dahlia Faye at the 2016 Brit Music Awards in London. February 24, 2016.
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    best ass in music.
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    okay, wait. so is there an alex milligan & dahlia faye duet coming? because i'm just going to bury myself in a hole now to prepare for the apocalypse. why are they suddenly best friends? is this king che's doing? i can't even with this. the song will basically be like
    dahlia: i smoke crack in the morning
    burning my eyes
    daddy give it to me
    alex: ooooh sweetheart you're my darling
    i'm a nice guy
    let's make love not fuck
    nobody wants this. move away slowly from the producer with your hands up.
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    Dahlia Faye, Alex Milligan and producer Tamara Carpenter at the 2016 Brit Music Awards.